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Welcome to BullpenSportStore, where our passion for sports and community pride shines through. Founded by Michael and Gary, our store sprang from small-town roots and a shared dream: making quality sports gear accessible to all.

Our space is more than just a store; it's a community hub where every item reflects our commitment to quality and our love for sports. We're not just about selling sports gear; we're about creating a place where athletes, enthusiasts, and families can gather and share their passion.

At BullpenSportStore, you join a family that cherishes quality, accessibility, and the sheer joy of sports. We're a tribute to our humble beginnings and a promise to offer something that our community and customers can proudly embrace.

Join us in celebrating sports, community, and the values that define us. We're here to bring the best of the sports world right to your doorstep.

Meet Our Team

Michael Salgado

Founder - CEO

Gary Maldonado


Yolando Salgado

Sales Rep

Stephanie Maldonado

Sales Rep

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